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Based in Brisbane AGKK Self Defence Brisbane caters for all locations throughout Australia.

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AGKKprovidessuperior Self Defence strategies and proactive guidelines on personal safety and assessing dangerous situations and providing self defence training in the workplace.

“We are dedicated to providing our participants/employees at the workplace with the most professional, high-quality martial arts/Self Defence training in a Friendly Proactive atmosphere as possible.”

We deliver high quality Corporate Self Defence and Business Self Defence training specific to the needs of those learning self defence professionally or recreationally. Self Defence courses and training are specific to your personal/ organisations circumstances, to a range of incident scenarios and realistic examples are used to maximise effectiveness. Training can involve a considerable practical component that is designed to help attendees in real life self defence work place situations that they have possibly already experienced.

Prevention, sound strategies and proactive solutions are essential components in the course.

The premier Self Defence course allowed employees to reduce their chance of being harmed and maintain their duty of care by practicing the passive and preventative methods and Self Defence strategies.

In this safety conscious environment AGKK will provide and improve the effective management, of potentially dangerous situations and increase duty of care for employees and clients.

We can develop a “Control Plan” should meet your duty of care requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act through providing them with adequate and ongoing training to manage all manner of risk they are exposed to in their daily duties.

Employees can be the target of aggressive behaviour such as hostility and intimidation, verbal threats to your safety, attempts to cause you physical harm, abusive language, assaultive behaviour, destruction of property, or use of weapons to threaten or attempt harm.

With workplace violence on the rise, business leaders have become more aware of protecting themselves and their staff. AGKK Self Defence can address these concerns by providing corporate seminars and workshops tailored to the needs of most businesses and service industries including, but not limited to health care, real estate, sales, reception, night crews, and customer service employees.

Effective self defence protection is not only a practical and common sense necessity but it is also an important component in helping to ensure the long term profitability of your business as well as making your employees feel more confident, secure, and valued.

There is growing incidence of workplace violence. The subsequent costs associated with managing the aftermath of workplace violence can be exorbitant and is largely preventable. Proper foresight and a small investment can help prevent potentially significant financial and personnel losses in the future. AGKK qualitySelf Defence consulting is an excellent solution offered by AGKK Self Defence today.

We offer corporate self defense programs for all types of organizations whether large or small. It is a great way to mix up monthly meetings and employee gatherings!

If you do not currently incorporate practical and effective self defence training as part of your corporate wellness program please call or email us today to have a friendly no-obligation discussion about your specific needs and how we might fulfil them. We are always comfortable to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Violence, whether it happens within the workplace or outside of it, can cause considerable harm to employee morale, increase work-related stress, and decrease the overall level of workplace harmony, not to mention the potential human resources and compensation issues. Smart companies know that taking steps to keep their employees safe and healthy by implementing on-the-jobself defence safety training is not only the right thing to do for their employees, but it’s in the best interest of the company’s own fiscal health, longevity, and success.

Companies whose employees feel that they are very safe at work will typically suffer less stress and have increased confidence. This can translate into less stress related illnesses, reduced absenteeism and employee turnover, and decreased time-loss. Along with knowing that you are doing the right thing by taking care of your employees needs, your company is also more likely to realize a real and direct financial benefit from bringing in a self defense consultant to conduct training workshops.

Predicting who will be aggressive is very difficult, but early recognition of escalating behaviour can prevent aggression or assaults.

Passive management of the aggressive patient uses strategies to defuse volatile situations, manage anger, and deal with difficult or stressful issues.

My seminars/consultancy and workshops show you how to spot aggression triggers and defuse potentially violent situations before they get out of control, so staff you can protect themselves in the workplace.

Some of the topics covered in seminars and workshops include:

  • Prevention of difficult or dangerous situations specific to the workplace
  • Tacticalself defence training and responses for professionals
  • Strategies for dealing with the angry customer
  • Protecting your personal safety
  • Techniques of passive conflict resolution
  • Developing a risk-conscious attitude
  • Secrets of assertive communication
  • Counter confrontation skills
  • Incident scenarios and case studies.

Prevention, sound strategies and proactive solutions are the fundamentals of each session.

Our self defence and risk management clients benefit from improved management of potentially dangerous situations and duty of care for employees and clients.

Training can involve varying degrees of practical involvement for participants, and all examples are based on real-life scenarios faced by anyone who works in the sector. Sessions are designed to help participants deal with realistic situations they may have already encountered in the workplace, and answer questions on how to handle specific problems with aggressive behaviour and risk management.

We train people in using passive management skills to deal with aggressive behaviour. Workshops are tailored to suit all participants.

Training will address the theory of Self Defence, preventative strategies and physical Self Defence techniques. You will be able to support yourself with basic Self Defence strategies, techniques and the skills to supportively defuse a situation.

Nobody expects to be attacked when they are going about their daily business, and the vast majority of people probably won’t be. Violent attacks can come without warning and when you least expect it.

Being prepared for such a situation is very important and could save your life.

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim.

Apart from the primary benefits of educating a company’s employees in a practical, effective, rapid-learning self defense program which goes far beyond just teaching “techniques”, and includes Awareness & Psychology, Verbal De-escalation &Defusion, Legal and Moral Rights and Responsibilities, and Physical Tools of Self Protection – there are many other very important and beneficial reasons why every company should offer such a program.

Advantages of offering a Self Defence course/workshops to your staff –

  • Teaches a life-long and life-saving skills – it is at least as important as first aid training
  • Helps to mitigate the incidence of workplace violence
  • Teaches valuable defensive and safety skills in order to prevent and survive incidents of violence
  • Employees who are capable of protecting themselves are more confident
  • People who feel safe are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress
  • Self Defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale, and critical thinking
  • Self Defense training can help to dissuade workplace violence before it starts
  • Self-defense training improves creative problem solving skills
  • Self Defense training is excellent for building workplace unity and enhancing teamwork
  • Employees learn to focus better under pressure
  • Overcome complacency and apathy
  • Increased productivity
  • Employees experience a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind
  • Promotes confidence, healthy self-esteem, and leadership
  • Promotes good decision making, a healthy lifestyle, and self-control
  • Improves employee morale and shows that the company cares for it’s employees
  • Increases creative problem-solving skills and teaches strategies to overcome obstacles and think “outside the box”
  • Develop and use better interpersonal communication skills, verbal self-defense tactics, and leadership abilities
  • Improves employees focus, concentration, and ability to remain calm under pressure
  • It is a fun workplace activity for your staff and employees, a practical investment for your company, and an innovative idea for staff events and business functions

If you would like to discuss any points mentioned or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward in working with you and maintaining a positive management future.

We can accommodate a tight schedule so we can tailor make a specific self defence program for your company and staff.

To inquire about the diverse range of individual or group self defenceservices available, including bookings, for business and individuals, contact Bernie Haughey for your no obligation consultation by phone 0409 474 494 or online by emailing bernie@agkk.com.au.