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Karate must be a defensive art from beginning to the end. The fusing of the mind and body is remarkable and can be spiritual.

The flow of the mind when totally absorbed into Kata practice brings a person into total contact with the essence of their actions and in turn their daily actions.  It cultivates an awakening. True Karate gives me peace of mind as it allows physical and psychological functions to become one.

As a Karate student, instructor you will develop a sense of responsibility toward Karate or the empty hand way. If practiced and taught correctly Karate can reveal its true worth.

True Karate training raises the instinct of self-preservation and is only to be used for the cause of justice at equality.

People should eliminate narrow mindedness which may cause them to stand against other people; we should all acquire broad mindedness. This is possible through the study of Karate.

Karate as it should be practiced is not a competitive or a violent sport, where people are pitted against each other. Nor is it physical training merely for the sake of training, where the goal is merely that of smashing boards and bricks. True Karate is training of both mind and body and leads to a better understanding, for both self and the world.

Karate is self training in perfection not only in words but more importantly actions.

It is training in efficiency. It’s a training in self-sufficiency.

It rewards are here and now, for it enables a person to meet any situation with exactly the right expenditure and effort, neither too much nor too little. This is the Goju way- the balance between hard and soft. It can give a person control of their otherwise way ward mind and acquire the self-discipline to complete a task to the best of a person’s ability.

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