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Business and Group Training

Training workshops and personal consulting.

Business Group Training

Personal Consulting services are also available. Bernie Haughey can visit your home, organization, or office.


Practical preventative strategies and proactive solutions form essential parts of all seminars & consulting services presented by Bernie Haughey.

Training Workshops & Personal Consulting can be custom-tailored to suit particular organizations or individuals and their needs. A wide range of incident scenarios and site-specific examples are used, and these are designed to help clients effectively in realistic situations that they may have already encountered or experienced in person, at home, or in the workplace.

Bernie Haughey regularly consults and speaks to small businesses and individuals, as well as members of the tourism, hospitality, education, medical, ambulance emergency, transportation, and security industries.


Site-Specific or Custom Individual emergency plans are available. Attack prevention, personal protection, security for public events. Environmental modification for safety. Banks, clubs, dances, schools, universities, medical (nurses, doctors, psychiatric facilities, disabilities), Government departments, transport. Private business, company & individual emergency protection.


Bernie Haughey can help develop risk management strategies, short to long-term. On-site risk assessments are tailored to specific scenarios at your workplace or for your own home. On-site risk assessments provide in-house security evaluations. Bernie Haughey can assist in developing & implementing safety conscious attitudes for staff. Emphasis is placed on prevention rather than cure, with attention to maximum workplace health and safety, and duty of care for employees and clients.


Tactically correct response for ambulance officers, blue nurses, psychiatric nurses, hospital personnel, security professionals, and security management control & restraint. Tactically correct response strategies for management & security.


Security defence training, safety systems, monitoring systems: alarm, security communications, camera & audio recording equipment installations, third-party security agency referrals, etc.


Assertive communication, counter confrontation & negotiation skills. Strategies & techniques to encourage mutual interaction in the workplace. Cultivation of positive work environments, demonstrating & communicating good will. Passive conflict resolution & passive management of aggressive clients in trade, labour, service, catering industries.


Improving self-esteem, confidence, and cultivating positive interaction, productivity and effectiveness of staff.


Stress management & organizational stress management strategies. Causes of stress, affects of environmental & interpersonal, and personal stress. Relaxation techniques and workplace stress management.


Fundamental principles of positive lifestyle. Creating personal freedom and happiness. Self-management, time management, balanced nutrition, approaches to exercise, mental stress relieving techniques, physical stress relieving techniques. Fostering positive relationships and so on.

Employees can be the target of aggressive behaviour such as hostility and intimidation, verbal threats to your safety, attempts to cause you physical harm, abusive language, assaultive behaviour, destruction of property, or use of weapons to threaten or attempt harm.

Predicting who will be aggressive is very difficult, but early recognition of escalating behaviour can prevent aggression or assaults.

Passive management of the aggressive patient uses strategies to defuse volatile situations, manage anger, and deal with difficult or stressful issues.

My seminars/consultancy and workshops show you how to spot aggression triggers and defuse potentially violent situations before they get out of control, so you can safeguard yourself in the workplace.

I train people in using passive management skills to deal with aggressive behaviour. Workshops are tailored to suit all participants. Some of the topics covered in seminars and workshops include:

  • Prevention of difficult situations
  • Tactical responses for professionals
  • Strategies for dealing with the angry patient
  • Protecting your personal safety
  • Techniques of passive conflict resolution
  • Developing a risk-conscious attitude
  • Secrets of assertive communication
  • Counter confrontation skills
  • Know your legal rights
  • Incident scenarios and case studies

Prevention, sound strategies and proactive solutions are the fundamentals of each session. If you would like to discuss any points mentioned or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward in working with you and maintaining a positive management future.


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