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Teaching Goju Ryu Karate and Self Defence in Brisbane for men, women, children, families and Businesses.
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While we train in karate for a number of reasons, for most people who start in karate, self-defence ranks high on the priority list. It is no secret that the world is becoming a more violent place and there is an increasing need for people of all ages to start some sort of martial art. Goju Ryu Karate can be a self defence without equal.

I congratulate you both on your decision to learn how to better protect yourself and encourage more people to do so. Your life is your most valuable possession. You not only owe it to yourself, but to the loved ones who care about your safety.

Those who attend AGKK Karate and Self Defence are destined to succeed in life because we teach them about goals, self esteem, discipline and persistence. More importantly, the traits attendees learn in our unique program will pay off for the rest of their lives.

Whether we like it or not, self-defence is something we all need because there are people out there (fortunately few and far between) that wish to harm us or take our belongings. This is where karate comes into play. During any class, we practice countless strikes, blocks, kicks, stances, kata and kumite. Each of these involve us learning to use our body to its full potential, or as a preventative measure from bullying or an attack.

Effective Karate and Self Defence technique requires the perfect combination of technique and precision. Technique, that is correct, implies it has whole body involved to generate power (ultimately technique must equate to power), enough power in the right place to immobilize the attacker.

Every decision we make has enormous power. One single decision can change our life, taking us down an entirely new path. Goju Ryu Karate as a Self Defence is very positive in essential life skills and protecting yourself.

The positive mindset of Karate and dedicated training is vital for three different reasons: 1. By using a variety of techniques in Karate and Self Defence you stay unpredictable and keep your opponent guessing. 2. By using a variety of techniques in training you develop better all-round karate and Self Defence. 3. By using a variety of techniques in Karate training, you learn, through experience, how to make each technique work in a combat situation. Only when we practice all our techniques can we develop the sense of timing and distance to make each one work effectively.

Some key elements on how a powerful punch can be executed: Any punch starts in the feet, the rear foot must first drive itself backwards into the ground. Upon driving energy down into a solid surface (such as the ground), energy then flows back from where it came – but in double amounts! This mass of energy then flows up into the legs where the calves and quads fire immediately after. As the energy flows into the hips, the hips fire forwards (hence power from energy flow and muscle contractions in the hips). It then moves up into the larger muscles of the back, chest and shoulders. If they fire at the precise time, with the precise technique, they also add muscular strength to the already flowing energy. Like the coiling then cracking of the whip, the energy multiplies through leverage and flows through the body and travels out through the arm and fist and snaps into the opponent. You can appreciate now why it takes years to master a punch.

Information provided is designed to decrease your odds of an encounter and increase your chances of survival.

Through self-defence and karate training you will intensify your instincts by being aware of, and acting on, hunches and insights that you would normally ignore.

Looking forward in working with you both and maintaining a positive peaceful future.

AGKK | Strong self defence

Kindest regards
Bernie Haughey Sensei
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